biologic design

Biologic Design


Preston Montford Field Studies Centre, near Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Ivycroft Plant Nursery, Ivington Green, Herefordshire

Withers Farm, Wellington Heath, Herefordshire

Bonhays Farm, Cottages and Retreat, Whitchurch Cannonicorum, Dorset

The Neals Yard Creamery, Dorstone, Herefordshire

Warren Oak Scouts Camp, Staplow, Herefordshire

Shepherds Dairy Ice Cream, Cwm Farm, Urishay, Herefordshire

Old Country Farm, Mathon, Herefordshire

Fernhill Farm, Compton Martin, Somerset

Coed Hills Rural Artspace, St Hilary, nr Cardiff

Frances Keenan - Basket Maker


Constructed Wetland Ecosystems:

Integrated Wastewater Purification, Resource Production and
Habitat Creation.

Resilient and Regenerative Whole Site Water Reticulation Systems Design.

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