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Biologic Design is currently upgrading its website. The new site will be up and running soon, with a new picture gallery of established WET Systems and Whole Site Water Reticulation Systems.

Biologic Design was established in 1993 with the aim of creating integrated, multi-species constructed wetlands for regenerative wastewater purification, biodiversity enhancement and resource production.

We are a family-run design company working with a wide range of clients, and specialise in the creation of constructed wetlands which we call Wetland Ecosystem Treatment or WET Systems.

WET Systems are not simple Horizontal or Vertical Flow Reedbed Treatment Systems. Our WET Systems use soil as the purification medium, not gravel as do conventional Reedbeds.

We also design and create Whole Site Water Reticulation Systems, or Water Retentive Landscapes, which enable all of the water passing through a site (wastewater, rainwater and springwater as well as water runoff from roofs and impermeable surfaces) to be used productively, reducing both soil erosion and flood risk.

We believe that WET Systems, developed by Biologic Design, are the most cost-effective, energy-efficient and regenerative wastewater purification systems available. They combine wastewater purification, resource production and enhanced biodiversity.

Our clients, be they in domestic, agricultural or industrial situations, are aware of the need to minimise or eliminate completely the energy used in purifying their effluent.

WET Systems are 'powered' by photosynthesis, so massively reduce running costs because they do not require the non-renewable energy which is needed to run more energy-intensive conventional wastewater treatment processes.

Not only do WET Systems reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions, they also sequester this greenhouse gas as the plants and trees grow, by creating biomass resources and soil within the system.

WET System designs have included:    

Domestic Sewage Systems from one person to 1,500 

Regenerative, Low-input and Organic Farms

Food and Drinks producers

Sustainable Housing: One Planet, Off-Grid and Low-impact Developments

Ecologically-minded people and Organisations

Campsites, Glamping venues and Caravan parks

Ecological education and Permaculture Design projects.

The wetland plants and the varieties of basket willow used in creating our constructed wetlands are produced organically in our own wetland nursery.

WET Systems combine wastewater purification, resource production and enhanced biodiversity.

Our constructed wetland designs combine low-energy wastewater purification with a productive abundant landscape, rich in wildlife.


Constructed Wetland Ecosystems:

Integrated Wastewater Purification, Resource Production and
Habitat Creation.

Resilient and Regenerative Whole Site Water Reticulation Systems Design.

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