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Biologic Design

Established WET Systems

Biologic Design has created around 200 WET Systems since it was first established in 1993.

Domestic Sewage

For domestic sewage, these include systems for full time populations of one person up to 450 people; as well as an Environmental Education Centre, which now has over 500,000 visitors per year, and a Field Studies Centre with a seasonal population of around 200.

In 2008 we completed a WET System to serve a farm in Somerset which hosted the annual Big Green Gathering event - which attracted 20,000 people for around a week. The farm has a full time population of up to 50, as it runs ecological and outdoor activities courses throughout the year.

Recently we have finished the planting of the newly created WET System which serves the Sustainability Centre, near East Meon in Hampshire.

Agro-industrial, Farm and other wastewater types served by WET Systems

We have designed and constructed WET Systems to purify a wide variety of other effluents as well, including a 350 sow unit Piggery and both 100 and 350 head Dairy farms, a Creamery producing organic soft cheese and one producing sheep's milk ice cream and soup.

In 1993 we created a WET System for Weston's Cider - a large family owned cider mill in Herefordshire and in 2001 we created a WET System for The Otter Brewery - an expanding family owned ‘micro-brewery’ in Devon. Then in 2007 another cider mill WET System was created; this one was for Sheppy's Cider Farm in Somerset.

Currently we are planting another 1,500 hardwood trees and coppicing the year old willows on the WET System created last year to purify and recycle the wastewater generated by the new Hereford Livestock Market.

Other WET Systems purify the runoff from a large kennels and the surface water runoff from the 4 acres of pasture used by free-range hens on an egg-producing unit in Herefordshire.

These ‘agro-industrial’ WET Systems purify wastewater of between 20 to 50 times the strength (measured as Biological Oxygen Demand or BOD) of domestic sewage.


Constructed Wetland Ecosystems:

Integrated Wastewater Purification, Resource Production and
Habitat Creation.

Resilient and Regenerative Whole Site Water Reticulation Systems Design.

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